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I’m lost with all the jargon; can you help me understand?

Yes, download this handy Digital Glossary of Terms to get abreast of the digital ‘lingo’

How do I know what website to choose?

First find the package that meets your budget, then see if it meets your needs and find the compromise. It’s better to get a smaller website online that you can build on and grow, rather than trying to have everything at once. If you need more help, read this.

Can I add on to my package?

No, ideally, if you need more than what’s offered, then select the next higher package, but if none of these packages suit your needs, please contact us. We will be happy to provide a custom solution.

Are the themes and images updated?

Yes, we regularly change our themes and stock images to keep things fresh and unique.

I don’t have a logo or brand; can you create one?

We build websites, but we would be happy to pass you onto our parent company who specialises in all things design. Contact us and we will get the ball rolling.

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